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Clocknet Vocational Training Centre is a division of Clocknet Technology Centre – a wholly owned and managed Namibian enterprise duly registered as a Close Corporation (CC) with the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MTI) under registration number CC/2005/3738. The holding company has been in operation for over ten years. Established as a stand-alone division in towards the end of 2016 and headquartered in the capital city of Windhoek, Clocknet Vocational Training Centre is specialising in vocational training education. As of February 2017, the colleges boasted of a comfortable 146 fulltime and part-time students’ enrolment with numbers anticipated to increase as the year progresses.

The main objectives of the institution include; creating a functional vocational training enterprise, generation of profit, customer satisfaction, employment creation and rapid expansion at regional and national level. The economic aim of vocational training is to produce higher level technicians in various technical disciplines. The higher level technician is a highly skilled worker with intermediate level education between an engineer and specialised worker. Investing in, diversifying and marketing vocational training would attract more students to the sector thereby contributing to lessening the shortage of skilled labour in industry. Because of the nature of vocational training curricular, once adequately trained, a vocational graduate not only has skill but an entrepreneurial mind-set as a result most vocational training graduates want is to venture into start-up businesses which contribute to employment creation.


Our Target Market

  • Learners who failed Grade 10
  • Learners who failed Grade 12
  • Learners who never reached Grade 10
  • School drop-outs

We act as a bridge between high school and tertiary education.

Our Vision

To be the leading vocational training institution in Namibia

Our Mission

To provide quality vocational training in administration, Technology and Technical Skills. To students for employment and self-reliance

Our Values

Continuous improvement through providing excellent training skills, satisfaction, and reliability, innovation, supporting entrepreneurship and building strategic partnerships

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